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tZR  "For such a daughter, with what pleasing care,Would I, as father, happy dwellings raise!"FYl昨天湖北快三开奖号

GSM  Other persons now enter'd, the patient's nearest relations,Many articles bringing, and better lodgings announcing.All were inform'd of the maiden's decision, and warmly bless'd Hermann,Both with significant looks, and also with grateful expressions,And one secretly whispered into the ear of another"If the master should turn to a bridegroom, her home is provided."Hermann then presently took her hand, and address'd her as follows"Let us be going; the day is declining, and far off the village."Then the women, with lively expressions, embraced Dorothea;Hermann drew her away; they still continued to greet her.Next the children, with screams and terrible crying attack'd her,Pulling her clothes, their second mother refusing to part from.But first one of the women, and then another rebuked them"Children, hush! to the town she is going, intending to bring youPlenty of gingerbread back, which your brother already had order'd,From the confectioner, when the stork was passing there lately,And she'll soon return, with papers prettily gilded."pfrS昨天湖北快三开奖号

昨天湖北快三开奖号Wn4Cf  Of my joys the partner dear!Mindful, though, of sorrows past,GIBL0

昨天湖北快三开奖号wZGvQ  An aged fox near the place chanc'd to dwell,Talkative, clever, and learned as well;The boy his society used to prize,Hearing with pleasure his wonders and lies.rl9Hk

Hc7X  Farewell!Oh Nature, guide me on my way!The wandering stranger guide,Who o'er the tombsOf holy bygone timesIs passing,To a kind sheltering place,From North winds safe,And where a poplar groveShuts out the noontide ray!And when I comeHome to my cotAt evening,Illumined by the setting sun,Let me embrace a wife like this,Her infant in her arms!Fcrf昨天湖北快三开奖号

Vns2M  THE AGE.vl8XX昨天湖北快三开奖号

YtWE  Proudly hath the Orient sprung;Who loves Hafis and knows him, heNV

UjWI  The bell is safe suspended--"So to the fields he straightway spedhjT

AflQ4  His mother said: "Loud rings the bell,YpBm

8o  We were delighted, and at oncezZM

NTbXQ  At this they were offendedThen each one took his tools,Ke

3TpB  II. ElegyIII. AtonementThe Remembrance of the GoodWhen I was still a youthful WightFor EverFrom an Album of 1604Lines on seeing Schiller's SkullRoyal PrayerHuman FeelingsOn the DivanHans Sachs' Poetical MissionG9du


EVOGS  Would thou wert a broom once more!J3W

kFw0  Soon the loved one shall I view.6fZ0

tM8  Dost thou hold me there?JDN

3vve  Art and the artist's fame up tow'rd the skies.He fills with blossoms of the noblest strife,With life itself, this effigy of life.Eh0

bl  Revolves the earth in splendour bright,The radiant hues of Paradise8n8i

AHSU7  Where goodness, beauty, truth, for ever grow;And in his rear, in shadowy outline, layThe vulgar, which we all, alas, obey!5Htcy

5GWN  To save her, no bark pushes off from the shore.DV

1.vBhC  Then with a serious look continued the maiden, and spoke thusFriends, to your mouths for the last time in truth I have lifted the pitcher,And for the last time, alas, have moisten'd your lips with pure water.But whenever in scorching heat your drink may refresh you,And in the shade you enjoy repose and a fountain unsullied,Then remember me, and all my friendly assistance,Which I from love, and not from relationship merely have render'd.All your kindness to me, as long as life lasts, I'll remember,I unwillingly leave you; but each one is now to each otherRather a burden than comfort. We all must shortly be scatter'dOver a foreign land, unless to return we are able.See, here stands the youth to whom for those gifts we're indebted,All those clothes for the child, and all those acceptable viands.Well, he has come, and is anxious that I to his house should go with him,There as a servant to act to his rich and excellent parents,And I have not refused him, for serving appears my vocation,And to be served by others at home would seem like a burden.So I'll go willingly with him; the youth appears to be prudent,Thus will his parents be properly cared for, as rich people should be.Therefore, now, farewell, my much-loved friend, and be joyfulIn your living infant, who looks so healthily at you.When you press him against your bosom, wrapp'd up in those colourdSwaddling-clothes, then remember the youth who so kindly bestow'd them,And who in future will feed and clothe me also, your loved friend.You too, excellent man," to the magistrate turning, she added"Warmly I thank for so often acting the part of a father."ok2F

2.rdY  Two words there 'are, both short, of beauty rare,bGuE

3.h5m  Ah, the word whose sound can straightd8jYQ

4.1u65O  Full arm'd for the strife,While his hand grasps his lanceAs they proudly advance.lHY


EmkI  Amor enter'd in, and found me sitting,And he gently smiled in modest fashion,Smiled as though the foolish one he pitied.l0R3


iZY  中国钢架雪车队2015年10月成立,队员多由田径、自行车等项目选手转项而来。2018年平昌冬奥会,耿文强获得第13名,他也是首个参加冬奥会钢架雪车比赛的中国运动员。vyt


sXD3  Come, then, my friends! and whensoe'er ye find6Tm4o


w  "But from out my coffin's prison-bounds6ITD


UbCTt  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delightxT